Eco-Friendly Sanitizing System for Businesses

You shouldn't have to buy multiple products to stay clean and safe. Our sanitizer is multi-purpose and comes in a reusable bottle.

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Our Mission

We have a pretty simple philosophy: Clean places. Clean Planet.

Every year approximately 14 billion pounds of trash end up in our oceans. 8 million of those pounds are plastic waste. We ship customers a high-quality sanitizer without shipping water or new bottles. The tablets can be dropped into a reusable spray bottle, reducing CO2 emissions from shipping and the amount of single-use plastic waste. 


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Multi-Purpose Sanitizer Refill

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Our all-surface cleaning refill tablets make 32oz of cleaning solution and kill viruses and bacteria.

By using just one cleaner for all of your surface applications, you are cutting down on clutter in your store or restaurant and helping cut down on single-use plastics. 

Our product also has no scent, making it great for all applications. 

Food Safe in 1 Minute

We worked hard to find a sanitizer that was effective and safe for people. Clean Spaces doesn't have an odor, won't stain surfaces, and is food safe after 1 minute of contact on surfaces. See how we stack up against the competition...

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