Our Mission

We have a pretty simple philosophy: Clean places. Clean Planet.

Every year approximately 14 billion pounds of trash end up in our oceans. 8 million of those pounds are plastic waste. Plastic waste destroys ecosystems, wreaking havoc on wildlife, and entering the human food and water supply. Some of the most harmful plastics are microplastics that can be ingested by wildlife and found in human food and water supplies. We can help decreased this plastic waste with our reusable bottles. 

We want to help drive change towards a more sustainable future through our business practices. We ship customers a high-quality sanitizer without shipping water or new bottles. The tablets can be dropped into a reusable spray bottle, reducing CO2 emissions from shipping and the amount of single-use plastic waste. 

We ship sanitizer tablets that kill viruses and bacteria on highly touched surfaces. Our Clean Spaces process is simple. By simply following our cleaning chart and making a few other changes in your business, you can reduce the chances of transmission of bacteria and viruses for all of your customers.

We have the tools you need to keep your space safe during a pandemic and transition your long term strategy around consistent sanitation practices.  Check out our starter kits today for more information.